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Cosmo Airport Car Parking

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to car park bookings made on the official Cosmo Airport Parking website or third party websites, and entry to or use of any of our car parks. Please read these terms and conditions through carefully:

1. General

  • 1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all bookings for services made via the websites, third party websites, and entry to or use of any of our car parks – you will receive a link to these terms and conditions upon confirmation of your booking
  • 1.2 The official Cosmo Airport Car Park website is owned by Car Park Services Ltd, Registered in Northern Ireland, NI RegNo:19831, Registered Office Address: 36 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, BT1 2LT
  • 1.3 In these Terms, references to “We”, “us” and “our”, are references to Car Park Services Ltd trading as Cosmo Airport Car Park at 181 Airport Road, Aldergrove, Antrim BT29 4DW.
  • 1.4 In these Terms "you" and "“your" refer to the person who makes a booking for our services or uses any of our car parks
  • 1.5 A contract is made between ‘you’ and ‘us’ when we send the booking confirmation or, entry to, or use any of our car parks. That contract covers both terms of the booking itself and use of our car park. When you book or park with us, you agree to be bound by all these terms. The contract is governed by Northern Ireland law and is enforceable only in the Courts of Northern Ireland.
  • 1.6 We reserve the right, without notice, to amend the specification of the products or services presented on this site and to discontinue any product or service and all bookings are subject to this right.
  • 1.7 We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, but once you have made a booking the Terms which apply are those which were on the website, at the time of booking. We recommend that you always read these Terms before booking, to satisfy yourself that you accept them. Nothing said or done by any of our employees can vary these Terms.
  • 1.8 These Terms, along with all other relevant terms and conditions that are referred to in these Terms and any other terms referred throughout the booking process (including those available online from third party operators), constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the sale of the relevant services. Third party terms do not override these terms.
  • 1.9 We reserve the right if prevented from supplying the car parking due to circumstances outside of our control, to cancel our contract. We will try to provide as much notice as is possible. Where this is not possible, we will cancel the contract and will refund the payment received in respect of the booking to the credit/debit card used for payment but will not be responsible for any other costs, which you may incur caused by circumstances outside of our control.
  • 1.10 We are only supplying you with car parking under the contract and will not be responsible for any costs, compensation or expenses relating to any flights or other services that you may have arranged. You are responsible for ensuring that you allow sufficient time for car parking, transfer to terminal, airport procedures (including but not limited to checking –in and security) and any subsequent flight/travel arrangements. Please refer to section 12 for further detail about transfer service and recommended transfer times.
  • 1.11 Although we try to provide our customers with a satisfactory service should you have any complaints or feedback on your parking experience please email info@cosmoparking.com. should you need to contact us, please call 02894422777. In the case of a claim, full details should be provided to us as soon as possible.

2. Our liability to you

  • 2.1 We will act with reasonable skill and care when supplying services to you.
  • 2.2 Nothing in these Terms limits our liability in the case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or in the case of fraud.
  • 2.3 Without prejudice to paragraph 8.5 of these Terms, we do not accept liability for:
  • 2.4 any unforeseeable or business losses.

    • • or our negligence or the negligence of our employees. For theft of or from your vehicle unless you have entrusted the keys of the car to us and then only provided that the keys have been used to carry out the theft or where such damage or theft is caused by the negligence of us or its agents or employees, and then only to the extent that our negligence has caused or contributed to the relevant damage or theft.
    • • Damage to luggage – refer to 12.4
    • • we are only responsible for direct loss or damage you suffer as a foreseeable result of our breach of our obligations
  • 2.5 You should be aware that it is impossible to exclude persons misbehaving from our car park and that we cannot therefore guarantee the security of your vehicle or its contents. Accordingly, we, our servants and agents will not accept liability in respect of any loss, destruction, theft of or from, removal of or damage to the vehicle. We are only responsible for direct loss or damage you suffer as a foreseeable result of our breach of our obligations.

3. Tariff

  • 3.1 The parking tariff payable by you (as varied from time to time) is displayed on the tariff board at the Car Park and on our website. You are obliged to pay the parking tariff and to follow any instructions on the tariff board as supplemented by these Terms, and failure to do so may result in us issuing you with a Parking Charge Notice (please refer to Section 11 (Parking Contraventions) of these Terms).

4. Your Booking

  • 4.1 Bookings can be made by persons aged 18 years or over.
  • 4.2 You are entering into a contract with us for the car parking product at Cosmo Airport Car Park as described on the website for the dates and times confirmed in the online booking process and set out in your booking confirmation. The date of the contract is the date of confirmation of the booking by email. Your booking is only valid for the designated car park. Any additional charges incurred because of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions will not be refunded.
  • 4.3 All Car Park bookings are subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw availability at its entire discretion for a given date.
  • 4.4 When you book car parking via our websites you will be given a unique booking reference number, you will need this if you want to make any changes to your booking.
  • 4.5 You must not resell or transfer any booking (in whole or in part).
  • 4.6 The price you pay is the price accepted and confirmed to you during the online booking process. All prices are in pounds sterling and include Value Added Tax and all applicable taxes. The price you pay is fixed for the duration of your stay in the car park. The booking is valid for a single park entry and exit during the dates you have booked.
  • 4.7 If your vehicle is unusually high, long, or wide, check that it is not too big to use in a standard parking space. If it is, and you have not checked with us first, you will not get a refund. Your vehicle must fit into a standard car parking space. Therefore, if you are intending to bring in any form of trailer, or large vehicle, you should Contact us first; extra charges may apply.
  • 4.8 If you take up more than one space, you will have to pay for those extra spaces at the OVERSTAY RATE of £90 PER DAY. These charges will be debited automatically from the same card that you used to make your booking. If the card has insufficient funds you will still be required to pay.
  • 4.9 Please be aware that our car parks use a number plate recognition service and as such please ensure that your vehicle registration plate number is accurately entered at the point of booking. Failure to amend in advance may result in an additional administration fee.
  • 4.10 Both ANPR and CCTV cameras are used for operational and security reasons, public safety, law enforcement, and for monitoring compliance with Car Park Regulations. We may, therefore, record and store, use images and data relating to you or to a vehicle. By entering a car park, you consent to the capture and use of images and data for the purposes stated in this clause. We may also pass data and images to the police or third parties in connection with such purposes.

5. Payment

  • 5.1 Payment must be made in advance. Payment may be made using one of the payment methods set out on the website. We reserve the right not to fulfil your booking if your card is declined for any reason, if the payment card has been used fraudulently or without the cardholder's permission, or if you are under the age of 18.
  • 5.2 When you have completed your booking having supplied all the necessary details, we will send you email confirmation of your booking. You are responsible for supplying a valid email and we cannot be held responsible overstay for non-delivery due to transmission failure or an incorrect address details provided to you.

6. Cancellations and Amendments

  • 6.1 Where you have booked your car parking with us you can cancel the contract subject to having purchased a ‘flexible’ booking product. All changes and cancellations in our Fully Flexible must be made 12 hours before your chosen day and time of arrival, otherwise it is too late - you will have to pay for the full period of the original booking, and you may have to pay extra. Nonflexible products are not changeable.
  • 6.2 Overstay charges are only applicable if you leave the car park 4 hours after the departure date and time entered at time of booking. If, however, you leave the car park more than 4 hours after the exit time specified at time of booking you will be charged an ‘Overstay’ charge of - £90.00 per day.
  • 6.3 You can cancel/amend your booking by visiting the website you used to book and follow the online instructions. If you booked with one of our 3rd Party providers, please contact them directly.
  • 6.4 Cancellation of bookings at special discounted rates and certain promotional products will be specified on the booking page of our websites and in your booking confirmation email.
  • 6.5 A 14-day cancellation period does not apply to this contract as the contract relates to the provision pre booked parking requiring a specific date of performance and is exempt as defined in The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.
  • 6.6 No refund will be given for any days booked and left un-used, if you make any other changes after your car park arrival date or if you do not use your booking unless you have amended/cancelled at least 12 hours prior to the car park arrival time and date.
  • 6.7 Where you want to reduce the number of days in your car parking booking, please amend via the website.

7. Entry / Exit Procedures

  • 7.1 You must enter/exit the car park following the instructions provided to you in your e-mail confirmation and on the car, park booking confirmation page.
  • 7.2 Please be aware that our car parks use a number plate recognition service and as such upon entry will read your vehicle registration plate.
  • 7.3 Your booking is only valid for the designated car park on the specified dates. Any additional car park charges incurred because of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions will be payable upon exit of the car park and will not be refunded.

8. Car Park Conditions of Use

  • 8.1 You acknowledge that you enter into this contract with us on the basis of these Terms. You agree that if you breach the Terms of this contract, we will be entitled to seek to recover our losses from you which may include (amongst other things) overstay charges and unpaid charges which are due which you have not paid.
  • 8.2 Pre-booked car parking prices are based on a 24-hour period or part thereof. The number of days charged for when a customer pre-books is calculated based on the dates and times selected when making the booking. Please extend your booking in the Manage My Booking facility on our online booking site, overstays will be chargeable, irrespective of the reason for your delayed return to the car park.
  • 8.3 The overstay charge must be paid in full before you leave the car park. Please note that this extra charge applies irrespective of the reason for your delayed return to the car park. We recognise your vehicle’s movements in and out of the Car Park by ANPR technology and monitoring your vehicle’s VRM. If you exit the car park without making payment, we will debit automatically from the same card that you used to make your booking. If the card has insufficient funds you will still be required to pay. If you do not follow these requirements, we may issue you with a Parking Charge Notice requiring you to pay any unpaid parking charge(s), together with an additional amount representing an estimate of the additional expenses we will incur because of your non-compliance (including without limitation debt recovery costs).
  • 8.4 All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. When you have parked your vehicle, it is your responsibility to:

    • • lock your vehicle securely
    • • fully close all windows of your vehicle
    • • apply your handbrake properly
    • • engage any steering lock, alarm, or immobiliser you have
    • • remove your possessions and ensure that any possessions you decide to leave in your vehicle are placed in a locked boot and are not on display
  • 8.5 We are not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to your vehicle or possessions within it resulting from your failure to do these things.
  • 8.6 Where CCTV cameras are installed in our car park, they are used to aid in the proper running of the car park. The CCTV cameras may also act as a deterrent to criminal activity. We do not make any representation as to the extent of coverage provided by the cameras and no guarantee is given as to the security of your vehicle in car parks where CCTV is installed. If you believe that criminal damage has been caused to your vehicle/property you should report this to the police. In the event that there is any footage available, we would fully cooperate with any police investigation as needed.
  • 8.7 Vehicles must be parked, wholly, in the marked bays only. Additionally, vehicles must be parked in a manner so as not to cause any obstruction to other car park users.
  • 8.8 You must follow all directional signage and other instructions when in the car park or reception area.
  • 8.9 We reserve the right to refuse the admission of any vehicle to the car park for any reason whatsoever and may remove from the car park or move within the car park any vehicle by whatever method we consider reasonable.
  • 8.10 We reserve the right to move vehicles within the car park, by driving or otherwise, to such extent as is reasonably necessary for the purposes of safety to persons or property to avoid obstruction or for the more efficient arrangement of its parking facilities.
  • 8.11 We additionally reserve the right, where the car park has to be closed either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or has to be evacuated in cases of emergency, to remove any vehicle at any time to any other reasonably convenient car park within the control of the Cosmo Airport Car Park or otherwise as may be expedient.

9. Damage Notification

  • 9.1 We accept no liability for loss or damage, including any damage to your vehicle’s paintwork (including where caused by a third-party) unless proved to be caused by our negligence.
  • 9.2 We do not accept liability for any damage to your vehicle (whether caused accidentally or by way of vandalism) while the vehicle is in the car park.
  • 9.3 If you damage another customer’s vehicle you should report the matter to us giving the registration numbers of both vehicles. You must also notify the owner of the other vehicle by leaving a note on the windscreen of their vehicle supplying your vehicle and contact details and any other details that are relevant to the incident.

10. Disposal of abandoned vehicles

  • 10.1 If you do not collect your vehicle more than 28 days after the date which you have specified for exit in the booking then, we will consider the vehicle to have been abandoned in the absence of a written notification to us specifying the following:

    • • the vehicle registration number;
    • • its approximate location within the car park; and
    • • the reason for the delay in collection plus details of the expected (revised) collection date.
  • 10.2 We reserve the right to engage and/or permit a lawful authority to remove (or where we are unable to identify the current legal registered owner of the vehicle, to take steps ourselves to remove) and to dispose of or sell your vehicle.
  • 10.3 Before disposing or selling an abandoned vehicle we will refer the matter to the proper authorities, which may include the local council, police and the DVLA. We will also affix a notice to the vehicle at least 7 days before the date on which we propose to remove the vehicle.
  • 10.4 Where we sell an abandoned vehicle at auction, the proceeds of sale will be applied in and towards satisfaction of all sums owing to us. Any balance of these sales proceeds remaining after satisfaction of such sums shall be held by us on behalf of the registered owner of the vehicle and paid over on proof of entitlement.

11. Parking Contraventions

  • 11.1 In using the car park, you agree to abide by any additional terms that may be displayed in or around the car park. If on entry to the car park you are not willing to abide by the additional terms, then please leave the car park immediately.
  • 11.2 It is important to the effective management of the car park:

    • • that you do not park within a bay designated for a specific purpose when you are not entitled to do so (e.g. parking in a space for the disabled without a disability badge displayed or an entitlement to use that space);
    • • that you park within a marked bay;
    • • You follow all signs in the Car Park, including these Terms and the tariff board;
    • • The booking made is available only for the vehicle in respect of which it is booked. A booking does not entitle the customer, unless otherwise specified, to any particular space in any of the Company’s Car Parks or to priority over other customers.
    • • If a valid booking has not been made for the vehicle or if a vehicle is parked without authorisation or in contravention of any parking conditions applicable to the Car Park where the vehicle is parked the Company reserves the right to issue a Parking Ticket or clamp the vehicle and Customers will be charged a release fee;
    • • Customers are advised to read the signs in the Car Parks for information on the parking regulations relating to the Car Park, the enforcement action which the Company may take if a vehicle is parked without a booking, without authorisation or in contravention of any applicable parking regulations and of the maximum charges which may be charged by the Company.
    • • Failure to pay the Parking Charge Notice will result in the Company applying to DVA/DVLA to request keeper details. If the charge remains outstanding the Company reserves the right to pass keeper details on to a debt collection agency or issue court action.
    • • You are entitled to appeal any Parking Charge Notice which is issued to you, but you must do so no later than 28 days from the date that it was issued. Appeals must be in writing and state in detail the reason(s) for the appeal. We aim to respond or confirm receipt of your appeal within 14 days from the date it is received. If your appeal is rejected by us, we will let you know in writing and provide you with the details of the independent appeals service POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals)

12. Transfer Service

  • 12.1 Please be aware that you need to leave a suitable amount of time to reach the terminal building from the car park using the transfer service. We do not accept responsibility if you miss your flight or your airline check-in has closed because you have not left enough time to get into the car park, and then from the car park to the terminal.
  • 12.2 Our complimentary transfer service will transport you to the airport from the car park, we ask for your arrival and departure times during the booking process so we can arrange for the bus to collect you at these times. In order to avail of the transfer service, show your booking confirmation to the driver. On return, please make your way to the Cosmo bus stop at the front of the airport and phone 028 944 2277 (Ext 1) to make the driver aware of your arrival.

    • • Summer Schedule – the transfer service runs on demand to and from the terminal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. (Summer Schedule starts last Sunday in March and ends last Saturday in October)
    • • Winter Schedule the transfer service runs on demand to and from the terminal beginning at 05:00 and continues until the last arriving flight. (Winter Schedule starts last Sunday in October and ends last Saturday in March).
  • 12.3 Please ensure that you remember to take all of your luggage off the bus when you arrive at the terminal. We do not accept responsibility if you miss your flight or your airline check-in has closed because you have to recover luggage which you have left on the bus.
  • 12.4 All items of luggage will be carried at our driver’s discretion to ensure they can be carried safely upon our buses. We will only permit customers to carry luggage on our vehicles where it is safe to do so and is available to our customers for convenience only. You will retain the risk of loss of, or damage to, the luggage at all times. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage however caused. We will never carry unaccompanied luggage or parcels in any circumstance
  • 12.5 We do not accept liability for increased duration of transfer times from the car park to the terminal building which are caused by exceptional traffic volumes, road works or accidents, mechanical breakdown or failure, adverse weather conditions or staff shortages (howsoever caused).

13. Valeting

  • 13.1 If you have booked a valet service, please make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and in a reasonable condition by removing excess items from the interior and boot area. Either remove all your personal belongings or put them in a bag away from rubbish that we will clear. N.B. Items that may resemble rubbish could be considered disposable and, therefore, removed. We will not be held responsible in such a situation.
  • 13.2 Where you have booked Valet, you will be asked to supply the details of your return flight, including your return time. If the information you supply is incorrect there may be a delay in returning your vehicle, and/or your vehicle may not be cleaned upon your return.
  • 13.3 We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from ill-fitting trim, loose or faulty parts, door mirrors held on with chewing gum etc. Please ensure you make us aware of any potential problems before we start the valet.
  • 13.4 Old or non-original paintwork can be damaged by the cleaning process. All such defects shall be shown to our staff prior to commencement of the cleaning process.
  • 13.5 We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in a vehicle whilst it is being valeted
  • 13.6 We reserve the right to alter or move or cancel a booking in line with staffing levels and/or weather conditions and /or machinery or equipment failure.
  • 13.7 CAR SIZE - Our determination of the size category of your vehicle with regard to the price list shall be final and binding
  • 13.8 All vehicles are cleaned and valeted at the customer’s own risk
  • 13.9 Whilst every effort is made to ensure that valeting services are carried out to the highest possible standard, you are advised to check the vehicle on completion of the valet. If there is any cause for dissatisfaction you should point out the discrepancy to us on collection of the vehicle.
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